rconip - A NetWare rconag6.nlm client

rconip is a native win32 replacement for Novell's RconJ designed to look like rconsole.

rconip user documentation, screenshots or download.

Whats New

rconip now supports SSL in the one exe.
It requires the OPENSSL dlls available from downloads to enable SSL.
The command line option '-s' or '--ssl' enables SSL if the openssl dlls are found.
The server name in the title will have [SSL] to indicate an SSL connection.
rconip now supports connecting via a proxy.
The command line option '-p host' specifies the proxy host.
rconip now supports 'screen sync' mode.
Screen sync mode is when the screen changed to becomes the active screen.
The command line option '-sync' can be used to start rconip in 'screen sync' mode
or Alt-F6 can be used to toggle 'screen sync' mode on or off.


Download the latest source or binary or go to project's SourceForge page.

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Last Updated Mon, April 5, 2004